The Beginning

Late 1984. It's the end of the band "Antro do Mal" of the brothers Julio Viseu and Marcos Viseu. While Marcos (guitar) joins the band "Salario Minimo", Julio Viseu, vocal of "deceased" band, decided to continue into heavy metal, however, in a different way. Tired of just listening to crap on the radio, Julio had the idea of ​​making himself a radio to play what he and all who were into metal wanted to listen to, and who also spoke in the same way that they spoke. And so begins to take shape what would come after a few months to become the first program of heavy metal in the city of São Paulo, the "Radio Corsario" radio show.

After months of battle and waiting, Julio Viseu finally gets a slot on 102.5 FM and then invites two friends Carlos Bacalhau (former "Antro do Mal" bassist ) and Luiz Heavy ("Antro do Mal"s manager, who died in 2008) to produce and present the radio show together. Luis Heavy was the one who suggested the name Radio Corsario due to huge amount of pirated music that they had available at the time. Julio agreed on the name, Luis did the sketch of the first logo and design was done by Glaucia Esposito.

Finally in early 1985 entered on air the first Radio Corsario show with Julio Viseu commanding the microphone accompanied by Luiz Carlos "Bacalhau" and "Luiz Heavy". Always live, the program went on air on Saturdays from 19:30 to 20:30. Within weeks of the program the audience erupted and became known throughout the city and also outside Sao Paulo. Julio thought tha one hour was too short and them each month he was able to extend the time until Radio Corsario became the longest heavy metal radio show that already existed in São Paulo with four and a half hours of pure metal live on Saturdays from 19:30 to midnight.

During the two years that it lasted this phase of the radio show and with increasing time, Julio decided to invite others to share with him the microphones of your program. For six months Zema (Korzus band's drummer, who died in 1987) presented an hour of the program with Julio. Other known figures of rock were also part of the program invited by Julio, as ''Steel Captain Beto Peninha" (ex -97 FM / Seção Rocambole), Mario Sodré (ex -97 fm), Tom (Rock Brigade) and Walcir Chalas ("Woodstock Discos"/ "Comando Metal") before having his first show on 89FM. Walcir for some time, presented with Julio half-hour program where they played the latest releases.

The radio show studios became a heavy metal point frequented by friends and almost all the bands of that time. About thirty to forty people as friends and bands used to frequent the radio studios to participate in the radio live show or just enjoy and find fraternie. Bands already known and others that would become known attended the show such as the Viper, Salario Minimo, Korzus, Golpe de Estado, Centurias, Dr Sin, Vulcano, Harppia, Necromancia, Avenger, Virus, Overdose and dozens of other bandas. O program environment was above all friendship. It was the first program to play "Sepultura" on the radio in São Paulo and also saw the emerging of the band "Viper" that also used to attend the radio show. Radio Corsario always opened the space for all national brazilian bands playing their records and making entreviews. The radio show was also heard live infallibly in Black Jack bar and there was usually where the "Corsario's" used to go after the radio show.

One day in the middle of 1987 Julio was called to a meeting on the radio and came across the news that the station was going to pass through drastic changes and all programs would be shut down.

It was the end of " Radio Corsario".

Was it?

13 years later .......

May 2000, Julio was driving home and listening to Slayer (Metal Storm which was the opening of ''Radio Corsario" in the 80s) and, in this climate of "2000", he suddenly decided to do what he was already thinking about doing for years: called director of the radio and said he wanted to restart to the rdio show. But what he would never thought was that the answer could come so fast. Only two days later he received a call from the director Matilde Bueno saying he could restart the radio show.

Summary of the conversation:

(Matilde) - Julio ready to restart the radio show?

(Julio) I'm at the airport heading to New York

(Matilde) - When you come back?

(Julio) - Next thursday.

(Matilde) - Then Sunday you have to put the program on the air.

Returning from traveling and with only three days to get everything set to restart the radio show, he had to be fast, so Julio immediately called a friend named Sergio Gadelha. The summary of the conversation:

(Julio) - Remember my show Radio Corsario? Im back on the air!

- Would you like to do the that with me?

(Gadelha) - Really?! Kidding! Sure! Do you think the radio station will give you the show back?

(Julio) - I've already got it! I'll be on the air in three days. (Laughs)

(Gadelha) - ............. YOU ARE CRAZY! (Laughs) But let's go!

(Julio) - Give a call to Anete and says I invited her too.

So in May 2000 he returned to the air on 102.5 FM on Sundays from 22:00 to 24:00 hrs the Radio corsario live show with Julio, and Anete Gadelha presenting an hour of heavy and one of the classical and alternative rock. As it used to be with interviews and giving strength national bands.

In 2001 Sergio Gadelha left the program due to personal reasons. Replacing him, Julio decided to invite an old friend, Sergio Pacha who them started presenting the program with Julio and Anete.

In late 2001 another desfalque. Anete announced that although she loves to do the show she would have to left it due to personal reasons.

The year 2002 started with a double and Julio Pasha and the program was going well until June 2002 Julio walked away from the program temporarily. It was the first time that the program was not presented by Julio and so remained for nearly three meses.Nesse short period Pacha presented the program alone and was one of the interviews with the band Korzus, old acquaintances from Corsair, and these Silvio Golfetti ( Korzus guitarist) who was interviewed that day offered to help and was accepted by Julio and Pasha as a producer and commentator. At that time he joined the team Gilberto Casagrande (Universal) as well as producer. At that time also created the new logo designed by Radio Corsair Corsair members and designed by Dick (bassist Korzus).

With the return of Julio, with input and Silvio Casagrande and even with the Pasha entered the program as of August 2002 a new phase and a rise vertiginosa.Tem done interviews with various bands and personalities of national music and internacionais.Dezenas bands and artists already passed or been interviewed by the program as Shaman, Angra, Sepultura, João Gordo (Basement Rats), Korzus, Helloween, Udo, Stratovarius, Kotipelto, Primal Fear, Deep Purple, Ian Andersen (Jetrho Tull), Focus, Grave Digger, Kriziun, Dr Sin, Coup, Boys Podres, language Rag, Destruction, Venom, King Diamond, Exiter, Napalm Death, Nazareth, America, Dio, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dimmu Borgir, Motorhead , Therion, Children of Bodon, Scorpions, Nightwish, 69 Eyes, Doro Pesh, Ed Guy, Arch Enemy, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Evergrey, Anthrax, Vader, Bruce Dickinson, Testament, CircleIICircle, Ektomorf, Bruce Kulick, Jimi Jamison ( Survivor), Deep Purple, Iron Maidem, Brujeria, Possessed, Mayhem, Asesino, Private Line, Paul D'ianno, Queensryche, Van Canto, Mark Ramone, Exodus, Kreator, Sodom, Nuclear Assault, Mayhem, Asesino, Possessed, Divine Heresy , CJ Ramone, Bad Chopper, Queensryche, Richie Kotzen, Steve Adler (Guns & Roses), Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest), Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper), Michael Schenker Group, Europe, Asia, Megadeth and many more rock bands / metal and even other styles as Village People and KC & The Sunshine Band. Besides some artists not directly connected to the rock that made cameos in the program as Sula Miranda, Jackeline Petkovic, Brito Junior among others.

Members of the program are known as "being at all" because they cover almost every show and backstage, interviewing bands, go to CDS launches, parties of all media related to rock, autograph section, press conferences, Finally, are in practically all events related to heavy metal and rock in general.

The program format was created by Julio who always wanted the program presented live and in double to give more dynamism and naturalness since addition of information such as name of songs, tour dates and news related to the rock often they are literally'' '' live changing idea during the two hours of programa.Apenas basic information are noted, the rest is pure improvisation.

Today the Buccaneer Radio is the oldest radio program dedicated to heavy rock in activity in Brazil.

Stop there ...

Is it?

Not at all! Hence was born:

TV corsair

Returning from a holiday trip in July 2004 Viseu Julio arrived in Sao Paulo with a fixed idea of ​​putting into practice an idea he had for a long time: take your program to the Radio also TV.Poucos days after Fabio Macaroni Sleevers AlternaTV made contact with Julio Viseu to do a story for his program about the Radio Corsário.Marcaram then a visit to the team Sleevers Radio Corsair and after the interview Fabio Pasta offered a partnership to Julio for a 30-minute program on tv on time Sleevers in sequence. Julio accepted immediately and so on 8.30.2004 aired the first program named TV corsair.

By placing the name of TV corsair was clear that the intention of Julio was making his tv program an extension of Corsário.As Radio interviews with bands that are made by Julio live on the radio began to be filmed by Fabio Pasta Romulus and "Ear" and then presented the TV program followed Corsair video clips varied.

continues ....


Founding Member

Julio Viseu


Julio Viseu
since 1985

Tarsis Marim
since 2003

Former Members

Carlos Bacalhau
1985 - 1987

Luiz Heavy
1985 - 1987

Walcir Chalas


Beto Peninha

Mario Sodré

Sergio Gadelha
2000 - 2001

Anete Fonseca
2000 - 2001

2002 - 2004

Silvio Golfetti
2002 - 2007

Sergio Pachá
2001 - 2012